The Quadrance: 9-1-1 allows you to hunker down safe and sound with a bottle of your favorite wine, and if available, your beau.


Hunkering down solo in this time of COVID-19 never needs to be boring, or overwhelming; just get your own copy of Quadrance: 9-1-1.

About the Book

Quadrance: 9-1-1

Genre: Drama/Thriller/Suspense/Young adult (YA). A CEO of a multi-national corporation unleashes the ultimate revenge on the Contiguous U.S. via a deadly viral outbreak when the U.S. government refuses to renew her multi-year contract. As the lethal virus spreads exponentially, four young adult (YA) friends from high school — forced to return to their respect homes from college after the dramatic life-changing event that revolved around the viral outbreak proceeding the 2038 Spring Break — bind together in no time to help combat the outbreak. While the quartet is working hard and in the process of rescuing as many nationals as possible, they, along with many others, contracted the virus. Although tens of thousands souls  perished as a result of the viral outbreak, the Quarantine Quartet survived due to the resourcefulness of 1st Lt. Rita Boggs. These untimely and senseless deaths — including widespread chaos — further incense the Quartet, who also, are delicately avoiding detection and arrest. Later, the Quartet turns to and enlists  the expertise and services of a junior officer with the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service (CCUSPHS); and the race against time begins. Happy reading,


Saul Rytano

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